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Re: Rehoming Turquoise GCCs

See? Lol too many people come to the island, buy a parrot, and then dump the parrot when they leave IF they keep them that long! So yeah, lol, everyone is full.

I thought about the sanctuary on the big island, but I truly believe that sanctuaries should be used as a last resort for unadoptable birds. These two babies are so sweet, smart, not screamers or biters or pluckers, basically they are super well adjusted and would do great in any home with a basic understanding of birds. No other birds I have met would be this easy to work into a new home. Because of that, I would feel guilty sending them to a sanctuary. I took them in myself and I will find a home for them myself. Also, the sanctuary is at capacity as well
I don't like to think about where I would be if that little budgie had never fluttered into my life.
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