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New to the forum - help with molting lovebird please!

Hi everyone

I have recently joined the forum and am seeking advice regarding my male lovebird Iggy.

He is about 4 years old and this might be his first molt. Firstly, is that strange?

I have noticed pin feathers, particularly on his back around his shoulders, for about 1 month now.

But in the last week or so it has got increasingly severe and he is losing feathers rapidly and it looks very sore / scabbed.

I am worried that this is from a disease or plucking, but I have been watching him and he doesn't pull the feathers - they just fall out. And there are some large pin 'blood' feathers in the area, suggesting it might not be from a disease? One of these black pin feathers is visible in the attached photo.

I am no expert, so am hoping somebody might be able to help. I am unsure whether or not this is normal and to let the molt progress, or to take him to a vet.

Thanks very much!
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