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Re: New to the forum - help with molting lovebird please!

Hi welcome to the forum. From what i can see this looks like he is feather plucking but it could be caused by some other medical condition. going by your birds age he would not be having his first molt as most parrots have it between 8 to 12 moths of age and he is 4. He may be going through a molt at the moment but birds even in severe molts do not loose that many feathers. I would recommend that you see an avian veterinarian so that they can get him checked up on. If it is plucking the vets should make up a collar for him to stop him plucking. he may also have a combination of problems like he had a cut on his back and so started to pluck his feathers and pick at the scab creating a bigger issue. I hope this helps and that you find out what is wrong with him soon, good luck.
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