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Re: Never done free flight before.. help!!

Not sure where you're located, but look for some parrot clubs in your area.

As other people have said, you have some other training to do first. I'd also recommend getting or making two freestanding perches. I like to color code things, so for example green for "start" and red for "land." which you can translate later into wrapping your arm with something red or wearing red. Practice in your home, start with a hallway or somewhere direct.

Save your bird's favorite treats for training. Get a whistle or something loud with a distinct sound. Start with the two perches close together and make him step back and forth, and slowly move them apart, eventually getting him to fly from one to the other. Increase to three or four perches, teach him to go to the one you want.

This is only the beginning, and this is only indoors. Doing this while also building trust, and getting him used to a harness. It's going to be a long while before you can truly do free flight, and I hate to say that not all birds are suited to it. Birdman is very knowledgeable about this, and has practiced extensively, and even he has had bad experiences. Your mileage may vary, as the world outside your home is a very scary, interesting and stimulating place for your bird. But you CAN teach your bird to fly safely within your home.
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