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Re: Don't try this, putting bird in snow

Okay. Enough.

I don't know what it is with you and experimenting with your poor amazon, but GIVE IT A REST, ALREADY!

So far as my temper goes, I tend to have a slow burn. I've tried giving you the benefit of the doubt. But really?!?

Let's take a look at some of the other "Let's experiment dangerously with my 'zon" threads you've come up with in your time on this forum:

What is coldest temp can Amazons stay indoors temporary?

What is hottest temperature an Amazon can take temporarily?

And let's not forget THIS winner, where the video of the "nesting area" that you provided for your amazon was so dangerous that we mods had to remove it from the thread! I decided to let my female Amazon nest.

Now, in the first link I posted above, you were asking whether it would be okay for your amazon to accompany you into the considerably colder confines of your garage. Several of us pointed out to you that such a drastic shift in temps wouldn't be good for your bird. That the acclimation would need to take place over a much longer period of time.

So having heard that, you somehow make the brilliant intuitive leap of skipping the enclosed environs of your chilly garage entirely and taking your poor experimental amazon OUT INTO THE WINTER COLD?!? But wait, that alone doesn't satisfy your experimental curiosity, does it? No, you then proceed to force her onto the ground?!? IN 20 INCHES OF FREAKING SNOW?!?


Do you not see anything wrong with what you continue to do with your bird? Has it never occurred to you that it might be wrong to subject her to your experimental whims? Have you no empathy at all?

What's wrong with you?
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