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Re: What to expect at an Expo?

Below is what I had written before, and would just like to get the word out there so that you (anyone reading and interested in bird events) can make an informed decision before going.

[I used to love to go to bird shows, fairs, marts or whatever we like to call them. I haven't been to one for many years now. I've included a link that I found which does a good job of explaining why I and other members of the bird community no longer attend these events. Sorry to be a downer. That is not my intention! I only want to bring to light a serious issue which is not always talked about, but I feel one should at least be aware of when making the decision to attend these events.

First... I did get some amazing deals on all sorts of toys and stands and various items. You can just imagine the assortment for sale. Amazing assortment to see. All kinds of exotic softbills, finches, and parrot species. Many of them being uncommon or rare. SO MANY different bird species that it was definitely very interesting to see.

As much as I'd like to, I don't go any more because of fear of transmittable diseases. The ones which are viral diseases and are incurable and contagious. Many vendors and breeders out there aren't real conscientious about diseases that can be transmitted quite easily on clothing and shoes as well as being airborne. Others are just ignorant on disease and transmission and don't even think twice about bringing their precious stock and babies with no immune systems yet.

Please read the link when you get time, all the way to the end, and see where they did the table swabbing experiment.

About 10 years ago, one of my parrots lived just short of a year. Passed from PDD. I didn't get her from a bird mart, but same "type" of situation where I found out later that the store obtained her from a broker who would get his birds from any unprofessional breeders he could find as long as they had the best price. This is what happens when many birds from different unknown or amateur sources are 'thrown together' exposed to each other. I was 'aware' before, but ever since losing Adrion, I've read numerous articles, talked to several avian vets, and have really taken this topic seriously. Over the years, I have since met a shocking number of others who have lost birds to viral diseases also. I have only bought from a "Closed Aviary" since, and won't buy toys from 'bird environments'.

But.... if you'd like to go, this is what some people do... They get a wide spectrum germicide/virucide like F10 for example, spray car seat when home, spray shoes and bottoms and take them off outside, strip in garage and directly put clothes in washer, jump in the shower. Sanitize objects you buy outside with F10. It's a pain, but will help to reduce the risk. I just wanted to throw this out there.
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