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Re: Baby food and crushed pellets?

Quote: Originally Posted by corkyness View Post
I tried the whole chop thing, blending things in a blender, but personally it's just such a chore for me I'd rather not do it. Buying the fruits and veggies, chopping them up, blending them, freezing them...just not for me, which is why I kind of liked that I could just buy baby food already all made.
Hi it's a shame that you find giving your bird the very best not for you and not something I have come across here on this forum which has so many devoted parronts who would quite likely spend their last dime on their bird rather than themselves. I have tried to find out the nutritional content of Gerber Baby food but as not in USA was not able to access. But the nutritional content will have been correctly proportioned for a human baby of a certain age not a parrot.

By doing bulk chop sessions - it is possible to do enough for many weeks - it is possible to give your bird the best without too much time involved. It can be made interesting by letting your bird sit nearby and watch, feed tit bits as you go along. I make an almighty mess whilst doing it, put the radio on and it's great fun being in the same room as my bird, interacting with him and having fun. He loves me being there and I'm doing something that is good for him and worthwhile. I have looked at baby food content over here time to time but have shied away as not convinced that it is OK. I hope you will re-consider but if not I sincerely hope that your parrot does not suffer later on for a little time well spent now?

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