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Re: Baby food and crushed pellets?

Quote: Originally Posted by gracebowen View Post
I didnt say anything earlier ( hesitant to disagree with a mod ) but I dont understand the issue with baby food as long as a variety is used and its not left out too long.

I happen to have some because I have triec baby food with pellets. Mine wont eat it.

I just looked at my jars. The squash is just squash, the apes are just apples, the peas are just peas.

Its just vegetables fruits and meats someone has pureed.
Grace, I probably shouldn't ask a question I may not want to hear the answer too, but why would you be hesitant to state your opinion just because it differs from a mod's opinion? We're a pretty friendly, approachable group. You have the right to state your own opinions just like all our members, even if your opinions aren't the same as a mod's.

I would worry about organic baby food being left in the bowl for very long, just MHO.

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