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Re: Toxic List for our Birds.

Quote: Originally Posted by Sean21 View Post
Please everyone don't forget that avocado is seriously toxic for birds. 6 years ago my lovely Amazon Lucy was Staying with my mom while I was away.My mom was making guacamole for our chillie. My mom gave her some avocado and the fats and the oil shut down her liver within 3 hours. She died before I got home 😰 RIP LUCY MY LITTLE AMAZON
Thats very sad and i'm very sorry that happened.

It's the persin that is toxic in avocado's, not the oils/fat. Generally it causes an immediate heart attack and then death.

I LOVE avocado's and dark chocolate. If I make anything with avocado's though, I do it after the fids go to bed..or the fids go to bed early.
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