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Re: GPS for parrots?

Great thread, April!

Personally, I'm most in line with Chantal's (Dinosrawr) thinking on this. I believe the best chance for this kind of technology would be a GPS built into a harness. But as was pointed out, the cost of developing something like this that would be light enough, with a long enough battery life, and durable enough to withstand constant gnawing, would likely be prohibitive until the technology had been around for several years.

Of course, something internal would sidestep the gnawing issue, but I'd never put anything powered into my birds. A malfunction could have horrific results. Not to mention that even low level electromagnetic emanations could potentially cause cancer.

I also like Mark's idea about the leg band with his name and number on it, especially since that's actually currently feasible. I'd only add that, for my peace of mind, it would have to be removable. There are too many things that go wrong with permanent leg bands for me to cosign on that.

So basically, it would be a band that you could put on when leaving the house with your bird, and take off once you're back home. (Yeah, I know. This wouldn't do a thing for birds who escape the home when least expected, but as I said, too many potential leg band issues otherwise.)

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