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Re: GPS for parrots?

Quote: Originally Posted by SailBoat View Post
Good news / Bad news!

The technology is available, primarily pushed by Drones locating systems. The size of the devise is now small enough to use with a medium to large parrot. Attachment point would likely be just in front of the wings. That's the good news.

Battery size and weight continues to be a problem due to the fact that the unit is a continuous transmitter. The battery would likely need to be replaced each time it is used. Projected life using lightest / smallest battery is about two hours. That's the bad news.

With the heavy continued investments in Drone technology, maybe with in the next five years the transmitter with likely be half its current size and weight, which improves battery life. So, if the device becomes half its size and the battery life becomes twice its life, we are still talking 4 to 5 hours at best.

Now if you are talking about Hawks and Eagles; Well look for that market to be the entry point into the 'Bird' GPS Tracker. Their weight to lift is just that much greater than our Parrots.

Please remember that it is a continuous transmitter and represents a continuous drain on a battery! Another limitation is the range of the transmitter, a few miles at best. There are already systems available for very large birds like the CA Condor, but remember that bird has a huge weight to lift - like pounds compared to what a parrot could lift.
The falconry GPS weighs very little, and it has a 10 - 20 miles radios. 10 with the stock antenna(very tiny) and 20 with the large magnetic antenna you can stick on your car(cost about $75).

My scout transmitter(no GPS) last for 40 days and has about a 30 mile range.
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