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Bath time..

..BB does NOT groove on water,at all! Yesterday was his first attempt. On my arm with a misting bottle the poor guy RAN up my arm to my shoulder Then I placed him on the counter top and he ran all over the place,hiding behind the can opener,then attempting to get to my shoulder.
Then it was his perch stick,again,flapflapflap to my shoulder.

Just a few minutes ago..I had to shower for work..thought I'd give THAT a try <Amy loves it,she showers with me,on her perch stick,flapping and gabbering away>

As I was getting ready,I put him on the little stool I have with bath towels on it. He twittled a lot,chewed on the little tags on a towel,chewed/tugged on the toilet paper hanging there.
First, I had him on my finger,and just let the shower spray barely touch him,he tried to get on my shoulder but couldn't grasp onto me lol. So I put him on his perch stick and just put him under enough so a very light spray would hit him..he wanted no part of that either.

He did get wet,and he is now on his roof top preening away. I'll try a shallow water bowl next,or putting him on the kitchen sink board with just a trickle < Wally,my 'keet of years back,loved to bathe like that>
Maybe he is still too young to understand how good water can feel

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