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Re: Bath time..

Quote: Originally Posted by GaleriaGila View Post
I'll also add that the Rickeybird enjoys being blow-dried. I started it in out West when he was young, because I was concerned about his getting a chill. I put him, soaking wet, on my shoulder, hold the blow-dryer (set on low, warm) at arm's length, so he can get as close as he wants... usually about midway. He leans into it, fluffs his feathers, closes his eyes, and just seems to be in heaven. His species is from a very windy, arid land, so I don't worry about his skin or feathers getting dried out. Now that we're up on the North Coast, I'm glad to have taught him. I'd tell you how we started doing that, but I can't recall! Hey, it was a long time ago! Not sure it would be good with/for other parrots...
Can I ask if your dryer is teflon coated? Worth checking

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