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Re: yellow crowned amazon x blue fronted amazon Hybrids????

Quote: Originally Posted by Kiwibird View Post
OMG! The fact a galatiel exists truly shocks me. The size difference would seem like it would prevent natural interbreeding without human intervention. I think I've had enough learning for today after that!

Thanks for the information though Monica, well researched and well written as always.
Interesting fact!

Unlike in dogs where it's the male that *mainly* determines the size of the pups, in parrots, it's the female that determines the size of the eggs!

First mating Male Galah x Female Pied Cockatiel.

Here's another photo of the same bird.

More info and video can be found here!

World first, galah breeds with cockatiel ? Talking Birds

Since this original accident, there have been at least one or two other breeders who have decided to also create galatiels. There's been at least two or three other photos floating around the internet from the different breeder(s). Here's one of them.

With the help of others, I've been gathering photos of various hybrids. Really helps to learn how closely related some of these birds really are.
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