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Poppy's Positive Solution or Poppy-Flash-Overdrive Hacks the Internet

Like my disguise?

•••Please Do Not Tell Mom, I think you call her Allee! She can never, ever know•••I'm invisible to Mom if I stay in The Game Room----For Now---I hope!•••

Hey, Gang! I have missed you so much! I heard we have lots of new feathered forum members, can't wait to visit with you all! Help me catch up with forum news!

So this is the thing, ummm, I'm all grown up now so I'm more reasonable and mature than I was, say, last month. My mom is all about positive reinforcement, positive solutions, positive thoughts, blah, blah, blah.

The best ideas take lots of planning, a little conspiracy, a little help from your friends, a gift, a couple of borrowed items, fine then, stolen items! Mom says I need to entertain myself, I need to consider my housemates, I need to help out more. So this is what I've done to impress her.

Studied and researched alone late into the night! A lot of nights. Helped with housework!

Got a present from Dad for my eleventieth hatch day! He used all the parront controls though, so it's only really good for documentaries. I had to fix that.

Then I got an idea! The hardest part was gathering my flock. We had some minor loyalty issues at first! Especially from Harry. She kept saying it was a really bad idea!

Sammy wasn't on board at first.

No way, Pops! You're usually cool but your idea is just nuts! I'm not helping! Leave me alone!

Oh yes you will, Sam! You need stuff! If you do what I say, I'll get things for you! Now get the twins and bring Sweet Pea! Right now! Flock meeting!

Sammy: Fine, Ms. Bossypants! Come on Sweet Pea, Poppy wants to talk to us about some stuff!

No, no, no, Sammy! I'm not supposed to leave my room after lights out. I'm afraid. I need my night light, it's dark out there.

Sammy: Sweet Pea! Are you gonna' be a girl all your life? Clean yourself up! You look like a baby!

Hey, hey, hey! Sammy, shut your beak, you bully! You'll make Sweet Pea cry, she's sensitive, leave her alone! I'll bring her myself! Tell Poppypants to keep her feathers on. The twins are fine where they are. If they come out, they'll be scared and wake up Shelby, she'll have a yapping fit and wake up Cameron, it'll be anarchy!

The twins being fine where they were.


"She is not refined. She is not unrefined. She keeps a parrot." Mark Twain
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