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Re: Poppy's Positive Solution or Poppy-Flash-Overdrive Hacks the Internet

Same computer, same flock, different night after numerous flock meetings, bickering, fluffed feathers, hacking and identity theft.

Here we are! We have one chance! What's your dream toys? I ordered for me and the twins already.

Yayyy toys! I want lots of toys! I love toys, oh boy, oh boy!

Bells, more bells! Lots and lots of bells!

Yo, Popsickle! I don't wanna pee on your parade but maybe you should think about this. Mom said we can't have ex-trava-gun toys for a while. Sparkle has to see the vet a lot now. Her meds and food costs a lot and that's more important than toys.

Gypsy, stop fussing. She'll never know. She orders all our stuff, when it gets here she'll think she ordered it.

Harry: Hello? Flash, Cameron will probably get a clue when a box of toys arrives and there's no pellets, no supplies, just toys and an outrageous bill.

You worry too much. We're good! We'll be like the cool kids. I'm tired of homemade toys. I'm tired of being good, I'm tired of being quiet. Lighten up! Live a little.

Harry: Poppy, when Cameron finds out what you did she will send you straight to Altairs 4 or to Alphatraz Parrot Prison or maybe even back in time. I'm not even kidding! You know what? I'm done! There's no reasoning with a cockatoo. I'm going to my room to forget this ever happened! You'll be sorry you ever hatched.


To be continued-possibly from a cell at Alphatraz.

"She is not refined. She is not unrefined. She keeps a parrot." Mark Twain

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