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Re: Looking to exchange acrylic foraging toys!

Quote: Originally Posted by Kiwibird View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by RavensGryf View Post
Ooh April, Griffin would love that one. His foraging treat container is too easy for him. Only thing is, the one I'd have available for exchange is one that I believe you already have.... the Rings of Fortune. They all hate that one. I'm not crazy about it either.
Yup we have the rings of fortune one. In fact, I don't know that there are too many foraging toys we don't have. Do you have any other acrylic toys? Maybe some of the scooter z stuff they didn't like?
Let me look in the old toys bin. I might still have some good stuff from when I had the bigger parrots. Not the Scooter-Z's though, they all love that stuff.
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