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I have a rather unique question to ask. First off a quick background, I have agoraphobia and almost never leave my house. When I do leave my home, I always bring a pet with me to help keep me calm and reduce panic attacks. I have recently come across a video of a Cockatoo that is a registered "Support Animal" for a young college man. He is allowed to take the bird nearly anywhere with him. The ability to do this would benefit me greatly.

I had always loved the parrots I owned in the past and determined one would be great for my support animal! I don't have a ton of money to throw around on one of the larger species. The Conures caught my eye, I love their personalities and their colors. However, I am aware many are very loud. The two I really love are the Yellow Sided Green Cheeks and Jendays. I have also considered the hybrid "Sun Gold" Conures, but I would imagine they are VERY loud seeing as they are a mix of two of the loudest conures species. I know the GCC are quieter than Jendays. I am wondering if Jendays are loud enough to be considered rude if I had him out in public and he screeched? Should I force myself to get a GCC instead? Or can I train a Jenday to stay a little bit more quiet whenever we go out?

I recently had a breeder stop contacting me about the GCC I was going to purchase from her, and have since found a slightly more expensive Jenday. I am female and always bonded best with my male parrots. I've been scouring,, and, if anyone knows of any breeders who are available I would be grateful!

I have owned many parrots in the past, all rehomed from neglectful homes or terrible pet stores where they never got properly socialized. I am excited to finally own an actual baby from a reputable breeder! And I'm ready to begin his training when I get him!

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