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Re: Which Parrot Is For Me???

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Aww thanks Lisa! Do you really think that's the case? I forgot - you would most certainly know!!!! Cal sure is a bossy madam....

Ooooh Alien, no....I've been bite proof worried since I was a kid lol! I have scars from Cal's first interaction with me(carry cage to proper cage on day one), didn't make a peep lol. I don't know what it is about the larger birds that make me believe I'd not be very good......

I know Dave would love an AG or macaw....he's mesmirised by Mishka and also Freddie, Sharon's amazon and now (I don't help myself!!!) Melly's Beau! I just feel with the 2 dogs, the cat, the rabbit and Cally Pants I have enough to be getting on with! I don't think I'd be able to give a larger bird the interaction it would need to be happy as I can't have a huge cage in the shop . We spend 84 hours a week in here.....

Also, as fantastic as my husband is, I am the one who does the lions share of animal work and all the research! How a lot of you cope with your XL broods of lots of birds, other animals, work and HUMAN children..... I do not know...I am in awe of you!
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