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Re: Right now Salty is.....

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Quote: Originally Posted by wrench13 View Post
How long do you train with Mr Biggles? Saltys routine takes 20 min most days now.
First thing in the morning Mr Biggles gets about a half hour of my time in which we play basket ball and incorpirated into the playtime is a little training...then I play with PeterPan and the budgies while Mr Biggles has breakfast. Once all have had breakfast I interact with all of them at times all through the morning and again no set training but just bits of training incorporated into the fun and games. Then they have lunch veggies and fruit...some eat it and some dont but all of them have to do something like shake hands to get their food (except the babies who just get head scratches) Afternoon is the same as the morning I come and go to them as they play out of cage with their toys and we do a little training as we go...just a few mins here and there...time for a wave or a stick up if the wings or a spin /circle or to fetch a ball or pick a particular colour...we really dont have a set training time except maybe in the evenings when we have a longer session of close on a half hour or sometimes a little more when we go through old tricks and try new ones. The same for the budgies except they get a shorter training time as they dont seem to hold their interest in it for as long as Mr Biggles who really likes to play...I have never seen Mr Biggles tire of doing tricks...he can get tired doing one thing but as soon as I introduce a new element he is interested again and he always goes to bed wanting judt a few more minutes playtime Thats my usual routine...some days I have to go places like shopping or whatever and they seem to be content on those days to play with their toys and on those days ( 2 days a week) they just get the morning and evening sessions of play time. Training is always incorporated into the playtime so I really dont have set training times. Rereading this I think you were asking how long it would take Mr Biggles to do all his tricks if I were to do them one after the other and I guess hed have the few we have learned done in about 10 to 15 mins...Salty has way more tricks than Mr Biggles .

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