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Re: Right now Salty is.....

Right now Salty is relaxing after his very first, full fledged honest to god soaking. It's so hot here, 93 degree or so, that earlier I had just spritzed him a little, just to cool him off some. He had dried up, and been returned to his boing, and I gave some water in his bowl, coz I knew he must be thirsty. Next thing I know, he is trying to take a bath in this little 3" food bowl. I saw my chance, grabbed the spray bottle, and started to spray him, to augment this little bath he was trying to take. And now, I get the full, wings spread wide, flapping around , joyful bathing that all parrots, indeed all birds, are capable of. It was so great to see this, finally. When I take him into the shower with me, Salty just kinda takes it, no joy or wing flapping. He gets wet but nothing like this. Sounds sort of dumb, the owner getting all worked up over his bird getting wet, but first times are gratifying.
Here is what he looked like.

Oh, and I saw, but could not capture, his third eyelid swiping across his eyeball. I've read about it but never seen one. It's a trait that birds share with some reptiles.
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