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Re: Right now Salty is.....

Right now Salty is enjoying the ac in our bedroom, chewing on the bed sheet, sitting on top of my tablet , throwing stuff of the bed, and receiving the odd scratchies and in general making his little amazon self be known. I've been home the last 2 days and I am getting swing of how Geri wakes and feeds him during the week days. I try to stick to her schedule in the mornings on the weekends. The other day he was getting his scratchies, and I fluffed his feathers by his nares and smoothed the others into place. He looked like some kind of weird cockatoo! Oh and also he has stared to say 'what cha doing' almost in context, like right now while I am typing. Makes for a limited conversation, with him asking that, and me replying ' I'm typing about you Salty' over and over. Earlier , I had him by the picture window, so he can peek out outside for a few seconds, and run back the my shoulder or run along the top of the couch and hide in back of the heavy thermal curtains. I discovered he loves walnuts, he will scrape a little bit at a time when he gets a small piece in training and when he gets a treat just because he is so dammed cute and nice. OK gotta go, and help the little woman start the bar b cue dinner. A little piece not seasoned goes on for Salty. None for Tinker, our Cairn terrier, she is allergic.
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