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Re: Right now Salty is.....

Quote: Originally Posted by wrench13 View Post
Yah, Edwin, it unclutters the board, so the newbie questions remain long enough to get answers, which is the main reason for the board.
Bragging threads are secondary, even tho we all want to show smart or loveable or heartwarming our companions are. Working with Salty
Makes me realize just how smart parrots, even little amazons like Salty. In some ways he is so oops totally amazon, in some ways like a little puppy because he like to wrestle and play fight with me, but never bite hard, just mouthing my fingers and hand, as I wrestle him to
his back , LOL, almost like WWF style. And he actually looks forward to our training sessions, eager to do his tricks and maybe learn a new one. Right now we are starting on xylophone , with Salty getting familiar with the beater and keeping the x'phone near
That's awesome! I'm still trying to get Ely just to not butt rub everything in site. Birds Libido is like a rats.
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