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Re: Conure and Senegal help....

You might never become friends. I don't say that to discourage you, but that's the reality. You may, however, be able to come to a peace agreement. I've managed that with MrC's Amazon, though MrC isn't having so much luck with my macaw. Granted, I've been working on Goofy for years, and Charlotte is a newcomer, so we have lots of time.

Senegals, like amazons, can be fiercely one person birds, and they often reserve particular ire for those they deem "competition", i.e. their chosen human's romantic partners. Fortunately, our senegal likes lots of people, so we don't have that issue with him, but the amazon is another matter. The one thing to always keep in mind is this can be a very slow process. Like I said earlier, I've been working on Goofy for years, and we've only recently come to a peace agreement. Take things slow. Talk to the bird. Bring the bird treats. Be non-threatening. Don't push, at least not at first. Pay close attention to body language. Sennies are extremely expressive, so you have an advantage there. Learn the bird's body language, and respond accordingly.

Good luck!
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