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Re: Conure and Senegal help....

I would chime in one thing, don't ever expect the Senegal and a bird you adopt to become friends. In fact, I'd would try to avoid them getting close at all. Senegals do not even like other Senegals, let alone another species. And they have powerful beaks that can do real damage to another bird. My Sidney will attack my Blue Crown Conures if they get close. Tootsie knows it and avoids him.

Rosco on the other wing.... *sigh* He just wants to see what Sidney is up to and gets himself in trouble. Sid was on the floor a couple of days ago and Rosco flew down next to him. Before I could react, Sidney attacked and they tussled around on the floor until I intervened. Sid was attacking and Rosco was just trying to get away squawking loudly. No injuries, fortunately. Will that bird never learn?!!
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