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Re: Conure and Senegal help....

My Senni is atypical of his species in that he's friendly with multiple people. However, he is definitely typical of his species when it comes to attempting to bully other birds. He think's he's as big as a macaw. He tries to bully the actual macaw. He tries to bully the YN Amazon. He's not allowed out with the others without a 1-1 human/bird ratio, and even then he's kept separate (that might have to change when he figures out how to fly...still working on that).

I also agree with Jen on how to reduce jealousy when you bring a new bird in. MrC spent all kinds of extra time with Goofy (the YNA) both times we brought a new bird in. With a very slow introduction and extra attention from his human, Goofy adjusted quite well. The birds aren't friends, but there's no aggressive or anxious behavior either (except when Leo tries to bully, but we end that quickly).

One point I've been curious about. The peace agreement breakthrough between me and Goofy actually happened shortly after we brought Leo home. Now, Goofy and I aren't friends, but he allows me to move him in and out of his cage to clean or take him to the dinner table (the birds all have perches around the table and they join us for dinner), and will occasionally let me give him scritches through the bars of the cage (only on his terms). This is a far cry from plotting my murder, which I'm convinced is how he used to spend his days. I wonder if he decided I was less of a threat once I had my own "mate" to play with. I have no clue, but it's a thought that crossed my mind.
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