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Re: Conure and Senegal help....

Oh Senegals. That was my first larger parrot. I got Kiwi when I was in 8th grade drove cross country with her as a 23 year old. Kiwi was to be a "family " bird Ha. She quickly became a one person bird even with my mother's care and love of birds. Kiwi picked me. I went off to school and left Kiwi. Well things did not go well. My mom called me telling me I had to take the bird or she was a goner. This bird would fly on my mom for no reason and bite her. So kiwi moved far away to the west coast with me. She was a good traveler.

Out here she was a different bird. She was not so moody. She loved one of my roommates they became good friends. The move helped her get out of her shell and except others more.

In my experience Senegals are weird birds they love you or hate you and that is that. Nothing you can do will change it. I wish I know why they pick who they pick. I think part of it is Do Not ever push them. Just let them come to you play hard to get. I always had a healthy respect / fear of her beak. She was crazy since day one.

Kiwi was a great bird for me. Not a good family bird. In fact she was a very bad family bird.

If You want your own bird. I say do your research and meet many. Get the bird that feels right. I lost my kiwi when she was 15 yr she should still be alive but she got very sick and fast. Now after 5 years of no parrot I got a black capped conure. He is awesome but so nippy. Beside that he is the best. He is not a one person bird. He has a favorite but does not hate others like kiwi.

As long as your GF keeps spending her time with the Senegal it will be fine. The other bird is yours sounds like a fine plan to me. The senegal will not care as long as he has his person it should be fine. Good luck.
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