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Re: I lost my lovebird, missed window for necropsy, help me narrow this down!

You guys are so great. It's so helpful to get some good constructive criticism. It's so easy to make mistakes with these guys and I hate that I'm learning lessons as a bird owner at the expense of the life of my animals. It's really a miserable thing but I guess all we can do is do better, read more, be present on forums and seek multiple different sources of information.

The bottom of Cricket's cage was only ever moist in a small patch under an area where he'd regurgitated a day or two before. Otherwise his normal droppings would dry up. I didn't have an in-cage bird bath or anything like that that caused a lot of moisture in the cage and his cage was really big for a little bird I think, (4' x 4' x 2') so his droppings never were allowed to really pile up or hold moisture. Still no excuse. Now I'm reading that dried droppings can give lung infections too. With the regurgitating, if I'd miss Cricket doing that and then neglected it for even two or three days, that was a huge mistake of mine I'm pretty sure. I feel like mold of some kind had to have been what took him because it sounds like mold related illness can strike fast and maybe being exposed to a chemical or regurgitating too much or both even took a toll on him too. He could have had a compromised immune system then after all the rain we've gotten AND his cage was right off an older wooden porch and I wouldn't be surprised one bit if there was mold under that deck in some spots too. Thanks so much for talking this through guys. I didn't see any signs at all that align with Aspergillosis symptoms but if it was one of the cases that struck fast it makes total sense. Even if Cricket didn't die of this I can protect future parrots (if I become a bird Mama again someday) from this scenario and hazard.
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