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Re: I lost my lovebird, missed window for necropsy, help me narrow this down!


Paint from the basement slop-sink: Fumes from rinsing out supplies in the basement could never be detectable by people I don't think. Brushes and rollers were kept wrapped tightly in aluminum foil, and when brought in the house were taken straight to the basement. When they leave the aluminum foil, they're immediately submerged in water. Majority of paint would have been immediately rinsed down drain, and any painty water that remained in the house would have been so diluted I'd be surprised if you could smell it, even standing over the slop sink. Would this amount of paint fume cause harm to a bird? Cricket's cage was upstairs as well as on the other side of the house (25 feet away?). Ventilation is absolutely poor down there, I should set up some fans that I use during and after brush cleaning and suck that air out the basement door to outside.

Cleaning chemical fumes from the car ride: When used cars are purchased by the dealership, they're washed inside and out before being put on the lot. I saw the car we bought before it was for sale, so I know carpets were shampooed. I'm sure most surfaces were wiped down as well, though I didn't smell cleaning agents in the car at all when we were fresh off the lot. I think the rest of the upholstery was just vacuumed and maybe spot cleaned. And again this was over 3 weeks ago now. Should I find out what the dealership used on the inside of the car?

Cricket's necklace: I don't think I did the best job describing this necklace. When I said wire I think I put the wrong image in your head. It's like a closed circle of rigid, thick wire with big plastic beads (that spin) all around it. Its like a large hoop earring on a chain, essentially. It hangs 2 or 3 inches from the top of his cage. If I stood it up on a table, I'm pretty sure Cricket could slip through it, like his whole self. Do you think a ring this size could have been dangerous? His plastic key ring set that he liked to regurgitate on was about the same size circle and he used to stick his head through that all the time too, over on the other side of his cage.

Cage Cleanliness: There was never any moisture at the bottom of his cage unless he had regurgitated. There were definitely plenty of droppings at the bottom of his cage but never moisture so I can't imagine fumes but I'm now realizing that I should have been keeping his cage MUCH cleaner, the size of the cage doesn't negate the importance of that. Just because poop didn't accumulate in piles doesn't mean dry feces couldn't have gotten kicked up in the air by his wing flapping and inhaled by him.

Cage was cleaned yesterday with a hose and washcloth, no soap. It's all disassembled because I couldn't bare seeing the empty cage. I will clean the cage a second time. Is steaming the cage a good idea and then letting it dry completely in the sun or should I be using a certain cleaner? Bowls, perches, happy hut, and toys were all thrown away except for a few. Sad alert: We buried Cricket on my family's prairie just outside of town, in a little shiny paper box he would have loved to tap on/destroy, and I put his favorite toys at the bottom of the box. We're marking his grave with a native plant that blooms the same color as Cricket's head stripe this time of year and also with an engraved rock headstone with a rod that holds a wind chime made from Cricket's favorite bell. It's so weird that hearing that bell makes it feel like he's right here with us again. The silence in this house makes it all too real that he's gone.

I'm so glad to have found this forum. Thanks so much for your advice. Anyone who gets in over their head trying out first time bird owner ship can get themselves informed. We're saving birds' lives and qualities of life by having these conversations publicly. It's awesome.

Thanks again,
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