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Re: I lost my lovebird, missed window for necropsy, help me narrow this down!

What I'd be looking at would be : 1. are there any cloth/rope toys? Lovebirds often ingest the cloth and it ends up in a mass in their gut which will eventually kill them; 2. more likely in my view diet. 4 years old plus (to about 7) is prime time for a lovebird to die from vitamin deficiency. There are a few things that might indicate that your bird is vitamin deficient (retarded fringe inside beak, flaky scales on feet, retarded little bumps under feet). I lost a lovely little guy at 7 to this, after they die you put two and two together, but I didnt realise it at the time because he just looked a little "puffy" but was otherwise fine and running around. Lovebirds should have a vitamin supplement in their water every day. 3. avian gastric yeast. That can be quite nasty.
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