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re: Bringing home a blue and gold macaw

Hello Scott, welcome to the forums! Thank you for sharing Diamond's story. After 15-20 years in an outside aviary, the transition to a new environment may be a little bumpy but it sounds like he's highly intelligent. "Go home with Scott", that must have melted your heart. If he hasn't had a lot of interaction with humans in the last years it will probably take time for him to build trust but it sounds like he wants to. I would follow his lead when you get him home. Make him as comfortable as possible, offer a good diet, lots of toys and he'll let you know when he feels safe enough to build a stronger bond. I wouldn't leave him alone but I wouldn't push him. Some birds readily adapt to a new environment, others need more time. Try to make every interaction a positive experience, reward him with praise or a favorite treat.

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