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Re: Bringing home a blue and gold macaw

Hi, I am new to this site also and just brought home a 13 year old B&G about a few days ago! I read a lot about making sure to just interact with them through the cage without directly handling when I was doing my research to allow the bird a while to settle in, but when I brought Kona home I almost immediately (a day or two) began handling him. Now your situation may be slightly different because Kona is extremely well socialized with strangers and is already letting me pet him and etc, but I would really try to see how Diamond reacts to the new environment as it will probably be very scary for him. See if he looks on edge and before you begin attempts at handling especially try giving treats through the cage bars and just watch his body language, and since you seem very familiar with him he might actually feel safer when you are with him. Now other than handling make sure you only interact with him as much as you will be able to on a regular basis, but make sure you give him as much time as he needs to settle down by watching how he reacts (is he moving away from you when you approach the cage and etc), and if he seems comfortable then you can start attempting more regular interaction like talking through the cage and handing treats to him, and eventually get to handling. You should seek to interact with him, but dont overwhelm him, and if he seems stressed give him some time to relax. Base your interaction off of how you feel and how he feels that is the important thing. I read a few stories of people going to the cage and reading books to their birds in the first week they are home and etc. I also have heard very good things about target training and have begun that with Kona and I think it is really developing a trust between us. I think after you have begun interacting with Diamond try target training with him and see how that works out for you!! I hope this helps! Feel free to message me because we are both new B&G owners so we might be able to give each other some good advice.
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