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Re: Before Getting an Eclectus?

First off, welcome to the forums. Glad to have you, and good to see you doing research before jumping in to a situation, it never hurts to be more prepared. You've gotten 2 great answers, and I don't own eckies myself so I can't chime in on specifics, but a few things I just want to put emphasis on.

Cleaning. You asked how many days in between vacuuming around cages, and cleaning them down. The answer is 0. In fact, for me, usually less than 0. We sweep up around the birds cages probably 3 times a day, and cages get wiped down daily.
Parrots require a huge amount of time and work investment.

For the rest of your questions, again really, it completely depends on the specific bird. Not there species even, parrots are as varied and diverse personality wise as humans.

You really need to go in to owning a parrot prepared for the worse, and hoping for the best. These are incredibly intelligent and social animals that *need* a lot of socialization, stimulation, and love.
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