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Re: Before Getting an Eclectus?

Quote: Originally Posted by SirEdwin89 View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Scott View Post
Welcome, and thanks for joining! I admire and respect your quest for some answers before taking the plunge!

I have had a total of two and currently live with one Eclectus, so my sample is small.

Noise is the least of my problems, just an occasional "honk" that is a sort of flock-call. Not terribly loud, and they don't scream for minutes as do other species.

My female is a strictly one-person bird -me! She will tolerate other males but despises females. My male was generally more social.

In my experience Eclectus are a bit neater than other animals. No destructive chewing or Houdini-like cage dismantling, but their droppings can be a bit wetter than others.

No more difficult IMHO than others, mostly the same needs overall.

Their biting is indeed like a saw or scissors, progressively harder and, if given the chance, deeper! They are generally quite gentle and like all parrots, use the beak as a tool.

I haven't notice any particularly bad habits. Mine don't display emotions as clearly as other parrots, the clues are very subtle as compared with my cockatoos.
*everything* is subtle when compared to cockatoo's! LOL
Ekkies can be rather hard to read. Until you learn to really read them, you may find one dangling from your hand before you realize they're getting ready to bite. Not that I would know...

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