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Re: Before Getting an Eclectus?

Hahaha! Yeah, ekkies and 'toos are at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to subtlety. No doubt.

Some great answers up above. At the risk of redundancy...

An ekkie can be extremely loud, as in their alarm call is one of the most ear drum rending noises known to man, but in my experience they tend to be along the quieter spectrum overall. Of course, like any bird, if you unintentionally teach them to scream your experience will be quite different.

Maya and Jolly are rather neat eaters. Especially Jolly who eats with near surgical precision. My first ekkie (Bixby), however, enjoyed tossing food the length of the room if he found the taste particularly offensive. Lol!

And what has been mentioned about their poop is sadly accurate. Fresh food diets make for wetter and more... dramatic... droppings.

Cleaning should be frequent with any bird.

Difficulty is relative and subjective. As was mentioned above, ekkies aren't drop-some-pellets-and-run type birds, but once you get used to doing chop it really isn't a big deal.

And yes, their body language can be tough to read at first, but observation will do the trick. Just pay attention. They are trying to communicate. It's just up to us to listen.

Yes, they are capable of biting EXTREMELY hard. The worst bite I ever received was from an ekkie. (Not my own. Bixby's hatch mate.) There was blood everywhere. But if you work with your ekkie, such bites become far less likely. Bixby only bit me hard before I'd completed his bite pressure training, Maya only drew blood from me once, during a moment of hormonal rage, and Jolly has never bitten me.

They can develop bad habits, as can any bird. Like greys, ekkies are especially prone to plucking in response to boredom or other emotional issues. So you will want to provide them a stimulating environment.
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