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Re: The Saga of Romeo

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Quote: Originally Posted by SilleIN View Post
The cue to get him to stop unwanted behaviour is to not react at all. That or replace the unwanted word with something else.

My B&G's word for "my human" was "Daddy". Since I am female, that seemed stupid to me. When he would call "Daddy" at me, I would respond with "Mommy". After a short while, he would say both and now he only says "Mommy"

On the other hand my B&G would scream his head off for hours a day, when I got him. After ignoring him for about a week he stopped the screaming
Yeah, he does love to scream. I just ignore it. Usually it's when he wants out of his cage. So I refuse to even go in the room to get him. Once he's quiet or calls out nicely I'll get him.

But being that he's been through so much (and has so much more to come at the vet) I'm expecting some pretty obnoxious behavior. Like yesterday when he was on my arm and climbed up to my shoulder and wouldn't get down. Finally I got him off. He hasn't earned the shoulder yet. It's nice that he was comfy enough to go there, but that's not a place for him until he's settled in more.

And thanks to the big beaks thread I knew what to do when he took a serious shot at me. Little bugger.
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