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Re: The Saga of Romeo

Quote: Originally Posted by Kentuckienne View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by JBassset View Post
Just remembered that last night I also noticed something that made me sad: He hides food he likes when you give it to him in the hopes he'll get more.

His previous owner only fed him twice a day and left him with nothing to snack on in between. So he's taken to stashing his "treats" hoping he'll get another one. I'd call it food anxiety if I had to name it.

He's unsure of new food but he'll usually taste it and will reply with "YUM" if he likes it. Mangoes were a HUGE hit.

It's amazing to me that he didn't completely pluck himself naked! No toys, food anxiety, poor diet...
That makes me want to cry, the food stashing. This bird was HUNGRY. I'm so glad you have him in your care.
It's amazing to me how he can be almost 200 grams overweight and still be hungry enough to hide food.

Thankfully his hoarding has mostly stopped. I decided not to do anything about it... Just ignore it and make sure his stashes aren't rotting. But with food available to him he's not hiding as much. He seems confident in just eating.
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