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Re: The Saga of Romeo

Quote: Originally Posted by JBassset View Post
An update after the vet trip. He's a little bit overweight which comes as no surprise given his previous diet. Stool sample is clean so nothing to worry about there.

He greated everyone when we walked in with tons of hi and giggles. Big hit there.

The beak... Oh the beak. We had to sedate him to trim it. She felt that his upper beak was ok, just needed shaped. His previous owner just took dog nail clippers and snapped it straight. But his lower beak was a wreck. We took a bit over a quarter of an inch off! He still can't totally close his mouth but she felt anymore might be as harmful as beneficial. Nuts, foraging toys etc. Will do the rest.

Afterwards as he was still doped up he was so super cuddly. It was really sweet until he threw up all down my shirt. Bird puke is nasty! But we had some good bonding time last night.

He's also got sores on his feet from having only a 1inch pvc pipe as a perch. Now he's got sand perches, cement and his main one is a nice fat Manzanita wood perch.

Today his beak seems a bit sore so he's not eating. But I just made a bunch of juice in the juicer and offered him the pulp which he took to. (hey, easy chop... Sorta) So soft foods, real chop and the like for a bit.

Long and short, he's mostly healthy, good skin, no cough, good lungs and heart sounds and they labeled him as a very sweet bird.

Thanks for all the advice! He also rides in the car super well on e he escapes from his crate.
Great that he is healthy and not coughing I am sure this gives you peace of mind to know he is healthy.

I can highly recomment giving hazelnuts in their shell to help them maintain their beak. They tend to pick up the shell afterwards and grind the shell on their beak to maintain it.

And I sometimes give my macaws human baby food. They really love it and get it as a treat, but if Romeo is sore, baby food could be an option aswell
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