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Re: The Saga of Romeo

Quote: Originally Posted by SilleIN View Post

Great that he is healthy and not coughing I am sure this gives you peace of mind to know he is healthy.

I can highly recomment giving hazelnuts in their shell to help them maintain their beak. They tend to pick up the shell afterwards and grind the shell on their beak to maintain it.

And I sometimes give my macaws human baby food. They really love it and get it as a treat, but if Romeo is sore, baby food could be an option aswell
Glad you said that about Hazelnuts. The grocer had a bag of mixed nuts in shells they're selling for the holidays. (Why raw, in the shell nuts are a holiday thing I dunno... nobody eats them!) It's got hazelnuts in it. He wasn't sure what they were so I had to crack one. He picked up the shell and "gnawed" on it so I see what you're saying!

His beak seems to not be bugging him. He spent a day or two investigating it. Clearly he knew it was different but now seems to be OK with it.

Our biggest challenge is the change in diet. He just doesn't like to eat the new foods! But since I just refuse to feed him the crap he's used to he's adjusting. He complained of being hungry (it's actually a phrase he knows) and I'd offer him healthy options. He'd refuse but the hunger seems to be enough that he's now willingly eating much of it.

To be clear, I wouldn't let him go absolutely hungry. I'd just offer the healthiest stuff, then give him a peanut in the shell. Then I'd show him that I was hiding more peanuts under all the other food. I'd pretend to eat the good food and not want to share it. Between my acting (good thing birds aren't critics) and making him dig through he's started exploring his other options.

Today he wanted more out of the cage time before work but I didn't have it to offer. So I offered him news paper in his cage to play with. He tore into it with gusto but it was angry tearing. More of a "F this. And F that and this and that too!"

But hey, he can be angry and cranky. He's allowed. And if annihilating paper makes him feel better that's cool too!
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