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Re: How I met Tiki

Well first, thank you for adopting this special bird from a terrible dump-job scenario. I believe it is evident why the original owner has not contacted you.

The pinning of a leg the size of an umbrella is conventional surgery for an avian-certified vet. I've done this once each for an eclectus and Timneh Grey with perfect outcomes. Whether a splint will now be sufficient is conjecture unless you have faith in the second vet. You now have two opinions that differ, so whether a third is required is judgmental.

I would imagine Tiki's new plucking is stress related. You'll definitely want to support her as much as possible, mindful of her mating behavior.

Hard to determine if a formal complaint against the surgical vet is warranted. Seems marginal to incompetent nursing care allowed Tiki to wake and flee the table resulting in further injury. Mistakes can happen; I would have to assess based on the totality of the experience and how the error was mitigated. It might be possible to research past allegations against the clinic to arrived at a balanced opinion.

Good luck with Tiki, and please keep us updated!
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