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Re: The Saga of Romeo

When I picked up Romeo I was told he had a language issue. First, he uses the wrong words sometimes, and second, that he learned one bad work: Mother F#*&er.

Well, he does say "Romie go night night" when he's hungry so that bit was right.

But as far as the dirty words... 1 might have been a little bit of an under estimation.

I told him it was time for bed one morning and he screamed "YOU BUTT F&*#" at me.

Last night after a particularly raucous screaming session I asked him if he was done and told him to be quiet. I got that one I look, he turned away and quietly told me to "F*&# off."

"Kiss my a^* is another I've heard."

I'll be honest, I don't mind the swearing at all. As a single dude with no kids it doesn't bug me. It actually makes me laugh.

What kills me though is that he's got the nuance down. The muttering and telling me off last night was priceless. He doesn't just randomly swear. He only does it when you've irritated him. And he does it WELL.

I know ultimately I shouldn't encourage it but it does crack me up with this gorgeous and spirited bird drops the F bomb in an eloquent and fitting way.

What makes me sad is when he tells himself that he's a bad f'ing bird or things like that. He'll hang his head and look dejected and if you go to pet him he flinches. Mostly I do ignore it when he says negative things to himself. I don't want to teach him those are ways to get attention. But the flinching... that burns me up.

But I usually wait a bit for him to perk back up, then offer to let him "read the news" and away we go with some shredding fun!

Anyway, Romeo is doing well... having a hard time getting him to eat healthy food and he's lost weight but he's being exposed to all sorts of things. I even made chop the other day. It was actually so good I decided to eat some myself. That got him into it for a bit so... progress!
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