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Re: The Saga of Romeo

A FUN update!

This weekend my friend and I took Romeo out for his first major outing.

She came over and picked us up and we drove across town to the parrot store (about 30 minutes). He loves riding in the car. He climbed into the back of her station wagon and found a nice perch so he could look out the windows.

We started with the parrot store (it actually caters to parrots of all kinds) because if he had a bad reaction they'd get it. (They have 8 large birds that are shop pets so noise isn't an issue) He had a great time!

From there we ran to Home Depot to get stuff to make a play stand and training perches for him and Stephen. Between figuring out all the parts and talking to people about him we were there for just a bit too long. He LOVED riding in the cart and talking to people. But towards the end he got a bit snippy and took a chuck of my thumb when I moved too fast. We'd reached his limit.

We brought him home were he sat on his newly renovated play stand (I bought a new rod for the perch since he ate the last one.) He kind of dozed a bit and then asked to go to bed.

In his cage in the other room he sat mumbling to himself and would then giggle. He's got about 6 different laughs and used all except the "I know that was naughty but I think it's funny" laugh. For about an hour he talked to himself and just laughed and laughed. I just sat with the TV off and listened... such a sweet sound!

I would say, in all, it was a great day for him. He seemed to really enjoy being out and seeing new people and Home Depot was very welcoming of him.

We're moving forward!

The only real downside to the day was that I totally forgot to take any pictures of the adventure! (BAD DAD BAD BAD BAD DAD!)
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