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Re: The Saga of Romeo

Quote: Originally Posted by JBassset View Post
I'm just curious about the giggling. I get it when he says HI to people and they laugh. But what is it when he's in his cage muttering to himself.

I want to personify him and say he's reliving the joy of the day or telling himself stories and that the laughs are genuine laughs... but are they? I KNOW they're happy noises certainly... but it's comforting to think they're actual laughs and giggles and that he's just that kind of happy!
Hmm I would love to say, that the giggles are real, but I don't think so. However they are smart and they understand, that giggles are happy noises.

Sugar will talk for hours. It's funny, but they don't really talk if there's no one to hear them. My sister is the first to wake up each morning. Trudi, who sleeps in my bedroom, will fly into the living room. They will then start talking to get attention. Once my sister's gone there'll be quiet for about 2 hours until I wake up. When they hear my alarm clock, they start muttering (only Sugar says things you understand, but the others make their noises also), but nothing too loud. Once they hear my voice all hell breaks loose. They do their best to come with their loudest human voice to be the first to get their morning cuddles. Once that's done, they will be at their cages/playstands and they will mutter different stuff.

Most of that is to get attention. My take on the muttering is that they are part practicing and part to make themselves feel a more integrated part of the flock, which talks human. I also believe they tend to say things they know is connected to good things. For instance Sugar often says "good parrot" which is REALLY difficult in Danish. I think he associates the phrase with something good as with laughs. I think it makes him feel good.

I have no basis for any of this, just my personal observations of mine and my friends macaws (know quite a lot and see them regularly in our flight club)
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