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Re: The Saga of Romeo

Happy to hear Romeo is fitting right in. Loved the newspaper video My Smokey was a newspaper shredder too..and I think she took her aggravation out on it coz she'd just rip and rip and shred and shred till nothing was left lol.

As far as Romeo's cussing..I dealt with that too with Jonesy, the cockatoo man.." your !@$%^&me! you're !@#$&^% me!" as clear as day! and LOUDER when I was on the phone!

I still see his new parronts quite often and ask about his swearing...when TJ took him in and I told her about this...she said " oh i'll be able to fix that..we don't cuss in our family" Well when I asked her if he still swears,she looked at me,lowered her head,and quietly said YES
LOL I just had to laugh

Its great to hear Romeo enjoyed his outing..keep it up!

Amy my beautiful Blue Front. Who was four months old when she picked me to go home with to her "forever" home in 4/1990.. DNA'd MALE in 2015
Jonesy, a cute Goffin 'too
that had to be rehomed :-(

And a Grey 'teil, BB...a.k.a. The Beebs
that was 18 weeks old 5/20/2016,

Rest in peace,my precious Smokey..4/2015 at 28 years young
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