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HELP! All I Want for Christmas is just a little Conure Peace

So, I have written about this previously, but never received any suggestions on how to accomplish this. I have 2 Suns and 1 GCC. My GCC is like a vicious little chihuahua (and I have a chihuahua). I would love to leave everyone out all day at their "stations". But my GCC (Pickles) is always on the attack regarding the Suns. Even if they are locked up in their cage, my GCC will fly on top of it and goad them into a war. I have to be exceptionally vigilant or she is going to be missing some toes. It's a really long story, buy hubby and I ended up with 2 Suns and the GCC all at once (previously a non-bird house).

I will have to say that I have been blessed with my birds regarding bird/human interactions. They are all fully flighted and would rather be sitting on my shoulder, just hanging out and being good, than anything else. It is just if I allow my GCC out and not the Suns their is a loud commotion. If I have the Suns out the GCC pouts. Can't we all just get along?

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to work towards family peace? I see all these pictures on the internet of different conures species all living in harmony. How can I accomplish this? A huge Merrry Christmas hug to anyone that can really help with this!
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