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Re: HELP! All I Want for Christmas is just a little Conure Peace

Let me rephrase this from the avian point of view. You have a husband (a conure) who loves you and wants only to protect you, care for you, and be with you always. But then you have these twin boyfriends that you let come right into the house. You cuddle and romance them brazenly, right in front of him. He loves you too much to blame YOU for it - after all, you are so beautiful and desirable who could resist you? But those two no good, cheating, sneaky adulterers are too much. They have to get out! Now! It's too much to bear!

As for how to bring harmony to a polygamous arrangement such as this ... I am sure the experts here will have some great advice. All I got is a black sense of humor. Maybe there is some way to make clear to the conure that he is first mate, no competition, these other flock members are just decoration? Maybe have just one of the Suns out with him at a time so it's not so visually overwhelming? I personally would have a huge inferiority complex if I had to compete with such stunning outfits.
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