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Re: Cage Hopping

Out of the 5, Raven and Griffin can be out together since they're bonded best friends, although Griffin will still attack him at times so I have to supervise. I absolutely have to keep Robin in with the top covered (or be holding him close at all times) when the other 2 parrots are out since he's permanenly removed 2 of Griffin's toenails and one of Raven's. Then I have to be vigilant about Griffin landing on the budgie cage. It's covered, but he likes to land on the sides. He knows it's wrong, and I had put him in consistent time outs every single time for months on end (until it drove ME nuts) yet even knowing it's bad, he doesn't care. He'll do it regardless of consequence. I wish my birds had more out of cage time, but short of having an aviary (which isn't possible now) you can see what a pain it is when you happen to have birds who don't all get along as a flock.
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