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Re: Eating his poop?

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Quote: Originally Posted by Loko View Post
My conure does this, or I thought so, but I have realized that its not eating but rather "cleaning", and since he doesnt have hands to scrape the poop of, he uses his beak. If he is actually swallowing it, then thats anpther story, but chances are hes just biting it off and ceunching it to clean it off his cage.
That is a really interesting behavior, cleaning. I am assuming that this occurs in perching areas or areas that your conure moves past? I know that you are insightful, so if possible a bit more of what you have seen and you're understanding of it, please?

As covered by others, I have seen the eating of, which as stated is more commonly an an effort to obtain either minerals or Vits, that are either low or missing in their diet.
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