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Re: The Saga of Romeo

Been a while but it's time for a quick update.

When I rescued Romeo I had a friend go with me. Unfortunately she held him while we tore his cage down and then helped box him up. So he's decided she's evil.

Lately she's been helping me with taking him on FUN outings, not just the vet. The parrot store, Home Depot etc. The folks at Home Depot like to see him. He rides on the very front of the cart and says HI to everyone he sees. The manager came over and asked if he could take a picture of him so they're more than "cool" with it!

He's got a car perch so we set him up in the back seat and he LOVES to look out the window. I had to take a drug test for a new job last week and since that would take a bit of time she and Romeo when to get coffee. At the coffee shop he climbed into the front seat and up onto her arm. There he sat and flirted with the girls in the coffee shop. Turns out he's a GREAT flirt. And suddenly he and Becka are besties. He'll dance for her and let her pet and hold him now.

He also came to work with me just before Christmas and had a BALL. People all over the place got to see him and talk to him. He was the center of attention, just like he knows he should be!

We have had some major breakthroughs lately and he's really becoming a very friendly and loving bird. We even found out that he likes Zupreem Veggie pellets! (Except the orange disks... those are yucky and need to be thrown on the floor and screamed at.)

Lastly, he LOVES to sit on the window sill behind the couch and look out the window or play peekaboo through the blinds. At first the blinds annoyed him and he'd yell at them. Now he just pokes his head through and plays games with them. From there he'll climb onto the couch and play with the blanket.

Fun story: I have a foster chihuahua that sleeps under the blanket. When Romeo was getting near it he started growling. Romeo perked right up and shot his head under the blanket and yelled "HI" That little dog shot across the room like a rocket!

TL;DR We're doing well. Here's pictures of stuff.

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