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Re: I Love Amazons - An On-Going Journey!

Continued from the above Post.

Preparation for a Sick-bird Veterinarian Visit

By: Steven (SailBoat), January 2017

If your Parrot presents with any change, out of its normal healthy state, get to your Avian Veterinarian immediately!

If you have been blessed with not having to endure the panic of rushing a sick-bird to your Avian Veterinarian, preparation for such an event may seem overly dramatic. Having lived with several Amazon’s with a weaken Immune System, I can assure you, it is not! Time is either your friend or it’s your enemy. Preparation buys time!

In one of my past article regarding Avian Disease, I established that Avian Diseases are a constant threat to our Amazons and the importance of a healthy Parrot to fend-off those threats. In another article “Developing a Well-bird Historical Document,” I presented a framework for developing a Historical Document for your Parrot. In both Articles, a strong emphasis was placed on the importance of yearly Avian Veterinarian visits and the need for a detailed Medical File. The goal of those Articles was to support the development of a detailed Medical File for your Amazon, all to allow maximum focus on diagnosing and treatment of your Sick-Bird.

Like your Doctor, the Avian Veterinarian has seen hundreds possibly thousands of clients, since your last visit. With only a yearly visit, the Avian Veterinarian will be reliant on your Parrot’s Medical File. Your active participation in the development of, and knowledge of, your Parrot’s Medical File will greatly aid in the diagnosing and treatment of your Sick-Bird. Since, your Parrot cannot verbally communicate with its Avian Veterinarian, the more aware and observant you are, the more helpful the information you will provide. Your Avian Veterinarian will look for changes from your Parrot’s Medical File and the Historical Document (which you had previously (hopefully) provided), especially with a Sick-Bird. As part of each visit, your Avian Veterinarian will update your Parrot’s Medical File and specifically upon ‘you’ noticing a change in its health.

As part of a Sick-Bird examination, your Avian Veterinarian will question you regarding the following.

Specific Medical Review:

Reviewing with you, those items that are commonly covered as part of each Well-Bird /Sick-Bird examination, examples being a specific medical problem, prior illness, injury, or surgery.

Presenting Medical or Emotional Problem:

How long has the problem been apparent? General details regarding the problem, examples: Any changes in appetite or activity levels? Has there been any specific change in behavior? The Avian Veterinarian may also ask you what you think the cause of the problem is and why.

Presenting Medical Symptom(s):

Specific details regarding the medical problem, examples: Have you noticed your Parrot sneezing, voice change, panting or labored breathing, breathing clicks, tail pumping, regurgitation, diarrhea, feather picking, lumps or bumps on the skin, appetite loss, change in water /food intake, bleeding? Etc…

Presenting Emotional Symptom(s):

Specific details regarding an emotional problem, examples: Have you noticed your Parrot plucking feathers, excessive preening, change in the nature of the Parrot, become withdrawn, change in vocalizations, or any other behavioral change(s)? Etc….

Environment Changes:

General details regarding possible contributing factors, examples: Has there been a recent change in the Parrot’s life? Has there been any loss or addition of family members, either human or animal? Has there been a recent move of home or cage location? Has there been any remodeling or workers in the home? A recent vacation or change in daily pattern? Parrots are creatures of habit and any change can be stressful. This can lead to disease as well as behavioral problems.

Home Treatment (if any):
What has been used and for how long? What was the response? If any medications have been used, bring them along, and show them to the Avian Veterinarian.

Having already developed a detailed Medical File and a written Historical Document will save time and provide a Comparative Benchmark for the examination of your Sick-Bird. Once again, time is either your friend or it’s your enemy. Preparation buys time!

I strongly believe in the Five Quarter detailed medical examination with standard quarterly visits targeting nail trimming and health monitoring. The use of a Five Quarter detailed medical examination causes this specific examination to move throughout the year. This allows Chemical (blood) Testing to see the affect of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Talk to your Avian Vet regarding this approach, you may just get a high-five.

It is important to have a ‘Well-Read’ Avian Medical Resource and an Emergency Medical Kit in your home. In the past, the Bird Club that I belong too had offered and long ago created an excellent laminated Medical ‘Flash-Card’ set and an Emergency Medical Kit; both covering and supported the most common emergency medical issues. The Club’s Library has “Parrots in Health and Illness,” an older, but still very relevant resource. My household has and uses the “Compete Pet Bird Owner’s Handbook” (New Edition), which is an excellent resource.

Having built a strong relationship with our Avian Certified Veterinarian(s) leads to insights that the Show-Up-Only-If-Sick Group could never have time for.It’s amazing what you can learn from your Avian Veterinarian when they are not fully absorbed in saving your Parrot's life!

Anytime, your Avian Veterinarian provides Medication, have them show you with ‘Detail’ how to provide that Medication! Never assume you will figure it out when you get home!!! Always have them show you how!!!

The Complete Pet Bird Owner’s Handbook (New Edition), Gary A. Gallerstein D.V.M and

Amazon’s Have More Fun!

FYI: This large group of Posts, start on page 11 with: Signs of Illness in Parrots!

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